We Need Energy Vitamins

We Need Energy Vitamins

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With the ever changing lifestyles in today’s modern world, it seems that more and more people are mobile and always on the run.
A lot of people are into numerous activities, whether it is related to work or leisure that they end up down and tired at the end of a day. Our body needs these so called energy vitamins to keep our bodies up and running the whole day.

If you take a look at what a typical diet an individual consumes in today’s time, you would find that a lot of the food that a person is taking in is made up of processed food that has a lot of preservatives. You have to agree with me that with the busy lives we are leading, most of us do not have the luxury of time to prepare a well balanced meal for ourselves let alone for our family. Many of us rely on fast food, take out, delivery, restaurants and microwavable meals. These types of food only give us a small fraction of the important vitamins and minerals that we need to have more than enough energy to last us the entire day.

B vitamins or the energy vitamins are crucial of the production of energy for the body. If you want an energetic and long life, it is essential that you have enough of this vitamin for being deficient in them may lead to serious health problems.

The B complex vitamins include B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and biotin. There is a chance for people to be deficient in the B vitamins because they are easily washed out of the body system.

All of the B complex vitamins are important and necessary in the creation of the needed energy for the body. Thiamine (B1) is crucial for well functioning immune system and has an important role in metabolism. It is usually the seniors who have low levels of this vitamin and is evidenced by weakness and poor memory. Riboflavin (B2) is needed for the utilization of oxygen in our body. Niacin (B3) helps treat neurological diseases and high cholesterol. Pantothenic Acid (B5) is required in the production of stress hormones and is otherwise known as the stress vitamin. Pyridoxine (B6) and Folic Acid (B9) work hand in hand to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Cobalamin (B12) is necessary in forming blood cells.

Indeed there is so much that these vitamins could do. It is a team effort for the B vitamins and they work best together. Ask your doctor about taking a B complex supplement.