Different Supplements for Different Needs

Different Supplements for Different Needs

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When you go to your local health and drug store, you will
notice that there are a lot of different vitamin
supplements on their shelves.

You might wonder what each of them does so here are some
helpful information to give you a low down on the most
common vitamin supplements in the market.


– this is arguably the most common form of vitamin
supplement in the market.

One tablet gives you the essential vitamins and minerals
from – you know what follows next –

A to Zinc.

Vitamin B Complex

– is a combination of several B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5,
B6, B7 and B12) and is sometimes combined with other
vitamins. Its benefits include healthy hair, skin and
bones, as well as the reduction of stress.

Vitamin C

– also known as ascorbic acid, this is usually taken to
boost a person’s immune system. And while it can’t prevent
colds as others believe, this vitamin helps in reducing its

Vitamin E

– this vitamin is popular among people who want to reverse
or at least slow down the aging process. But more than
that, vitamin E has a host of other benefits such as
boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of prostate
cancer and easing menstrual cramps in women.

So there you go the most common vitamin supplements in the
market. We hope that you find the information useful and
that you can apply them the next time you visit your
favorite health and drug store.